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About Us

Ghana’s Leading Services Marketplace, Since 2002

Adwuma Online is an online platform connecting people to the professionals they need on-demand. We are a marketplace for services in Ghana that allows you to get your projects done professionally and on time by skilled personnel at the touch of a button, wherever you are in Ghana. 

From creative freelancers online and fitness coaches to gardeners, house cleaners, and more available on our platform, the professionals you need are just a single search away. Each professional on our market place is thoroughly vetted and has professional background checks run on them to ensure they can be trusted to work with you. The result? Quality service at every price point. 

With access to multiple options on our marketplace, you can find a qualified professional who offers the services you are looking for and delivers on time, and within your budget.


Our Mission Is Simple, To Make Lives Easier And Help Small Businesses Grow

By giving you access to a pool of capable professionals you can trust to get the job done right, our services marketplace also offers income-generating opportunities to small businesses. 

Our ultimate goal is to create a digital ecosystem that simplifies your hunt for quality services while giving service providers exposure to prospects, allowing them to drive more sales and generate more revenue. As a result, we establish mutually beneficial relationships – our customers get work done. At the same time, our service providers benefit from growing their clientele and the possibility of gaining loyal customers.

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