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Got Questions?
We have answered some of the most asked questions about our services marketplace. Browse through them for quick help at a glance!

For Customers

How long will it take for me to get connected with a professional?
Our intuitive, AI-driven platform will match your requirements to the skills of all professionals in your location who offer the services you need instantly and let you decide. As a result, you can get in touch with a professional in minutes.
What if I prefer not to work with a professional you recommended to me?
Adwuma Online allows you to choose who you wish to work with. Moreover, we provide you with a list of suitable professionals to pick from so you can always move to the next one. 

Do I have to pay to use your platform?
No, Adwuma Online is free to use for all customers looking for professionals near them.

For Professionals
How will I establish contact with customers?
Once you pay the small fee we charge to connect you with your chosen customers, we will give you their phone number and email to contact them. You can also get in touch with them through our inbuilt direct messaging platform.

Do Adwuma Online credits expire?
No, once you buy them, they are valid for a lifetime. So, even if you buy many of them at once, you will never have to worry about using them within a specific time limit.

How many credits do you charge for customer follow-ups?
Your one-off payment to establish contact with leads you think are the right fit covers all communication you will have with that particular customer. Therefore, sending follow-up messages to prospects is 100% free.

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